Cross cutter


Cross Cutter


The mostly long EPS or XPS blocks are cut to the required length in the cross cutter. For this purpose, the cutting wires run transversely to the conveying direction. To ensure an orthagonal cut, the raw blanks are aligned with the zero edge using a pressure device. After alignment, the position is held by a hold-down device during the cutting process. The cutting wires can be made oscillating or standing. At the head end, the rinds are guided downwards via guide bars. After the cutting process is complete, the rind is also brushed away. Optionally, a conveyor belt can be provided below the cross cutter so that they are automatically conveyed out or shredded. The length of the cross cutter can be adapted to customer requirements / existing block shape size. Standard lengths are 6.0m / 5.0m / 4.0m and 3.0m.

  • for dividing plate stacks into the desired length
  • automatic wire adjustment optional
  • standing or oscillating cutting wires possible
  • automatic block pressing device
  • Drive via high-quality ball screw as an adjustable lifting device
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